We will know, live, and tell the Love Story of Jesus in our neighborhoods, throughout our city, and beyond.


Jesus is the Story. He is the object of our attention and affection. We will intentionally invest in the most significant relationship we will ever experience. To know Jesus means to spend time with him. To speak with him (Prayer –Ephesians 6:17-19), to study him (Scripture – 2 Timothy 3:15-16), and to do so alongside others who desire the same.

We will often use the word FORMATION to describe the process of knowing.



The love story of Jesus is not just something to know, it is a story that we get to be a part of. This means we get to live as characters in the masterpiece. Having been rescued and redeemed, we live in such a way with others that reflects that gift. In this, we join with others to eat, laugh, celebrate, and play… displaying gratitude for this story we have been invited into.

COMMUNITY is what we will often refer to when describing what it looks like to live the love story of Jesus.



This is how the world will experience the love story, by how tell them. This is the most visible expression of who we are, seen by how we love and serve those around us. It’s because of this that we desire to love people exceptionally well. And it’s because of this that we will be present in times of need, serving those both inside and outside of the church at their greatest point of need.

This loving and serving is also referred to as MISSION.