Aaron Nebrija


Email: aaron@citylifecharleston.com

I grew up in Salem, Oregon, where, at the age of sixteen, I began my relational encounter with Jesus. Shortly after, I began serving regularly alongside youth workers in Eastern Europe, working with them and their churches to love and serve a young generation. It wasn’t long before I experienced those youth leaders as extremely limited in their ability to reach young people due to the legalistic, power-over mentality of the leadership in their churches. After several years of hitting the same road block, I quickly realized that, moving forward, it would be new, grace-modeling, Jesus-loving churches that God would use to reach the coming generations, and ultimately, the world. It was in that moment that God called me to serve the Church for the rest of my life.

I went to Chicago to complete my degree in missions and theology from Moody Bible Institute. I was then invited to serve at Journey Church in Franklin, TN. I worked my first five years as a youth pastor and loved every adventurous minute of it. I then transitioned to serve adults by creating and implementing ways for individuals and families to be deeply engaged in community with others. In the past seven years at Journey Church, I have been surrounded by strong leadership, men and women who love Jesus and love people. It’s through them that I have been broken, humbled, stretched, loved, mentored, and prepared for what’s next. That next season has emerged to be consistent with what God has called me to do… to serve the Church by planting in Charleston, SC. I am beyond thrilled to walk into this next season with my wife, Caroline, and our daughter, Shiloh. They are the two girls who love me and support me the most, and I am honored we get to do this as a family.


Megan Seavers


Email: megan@citylifecharleston.com

I was born in Los Angeles, California and began my relationship with Jesus at a very young age. As I grew up and moved to Hershey, Pennsylvania, my faith was tested in a public school full of students who had very different beliefs. I leaned into ministry at my church and started working with kids. I realized that I not only loved children and children's ministries, but I had a gifting for it. I went on to receive my BS in Elementary and Early Childhood Education. Since graduating, I have taught in various schools, started a childcare center, served in orphanages across the world, and worked in children's ministries. I am currently in operations at an elementary school and leading City Life Charleston's City Kids ministry.

I am passionate about two things: Children and Jesus. I believe that all children are born with a sense of wonder and belief that we as adults have lost. If we can encourage this trait, we can help children build strong bonds with Christ at very young ages that will last a lifetime. I am excited to be a part of City Life Charleston because it is a church that truly lives out Jesus' command to make disciples of all nations. With City Kids, I want to see children discipled to become strong and fearless believers in the love story of Jesus Christ.

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