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A small group is a committed community of people who meet regularly, led by an identified leader, around the shared experience of knowing, living, and telling the love story of Jesus. Small groups are open to new people and are highly invitational environments where people grow spiritually (know), experience belonging (live), and multiply outward (tell).

Our vision as a church is to see people far from God know, live, and tell the love story of Jesus. The Bible shows Jesus and the disciples in a rhythm of formation (know), community (live), and mission (tell). This is a picture of the disciple making process. Because of this, each small group seeks to make disciples while welcoming new people, reproducing leadership and multiplying additional healthy small groups.

You play a huge part. We believe that every human being is uniquely gifted. In small groups, we have been able to help people identify how they can guide others to either know, live, or tell the love story of Jesus. We would love to help you identify your strength and see you use that strength in a small group community.

Small groups are primarily organized geographically, but factor in kids, stage of life, etc. In other words, we try to put people in small groups where it most makes sense but use location as a starting place. We have seen proximity breed frequency. It doesn’t always work perfectly, but when it does, it makes it more possible for groups to be together on a weekly basis, not just in a group setting, but in each other lives as well.

We make it extremely easy to connect with an existing small group. Guests can start by stopping by the Connect Center on a Sunday or by clicking on the Find A Group button on the top or bottom of this page. How can you as an existing small group member help connect people to a small group? By inviting them to yours.